Richard Linton is renowned worldwide as a maritime artist. His art involves the exploration of history and its ships. This interest has given him the desire to create works that depict bygone eras. Because of his love of history, his subjects are mostly a record of an historic event or scene from the past.

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He researches everything about his chosen subject and begins to piece it together painting an accurate moment from the past. Born in Melbourne, Australia in September 1935, he is self-taught and served an apprenticeship in the printing trade from the age of 16. From that age he has studied the sailing ship in great technical detail, and at the age of 20 painted his first serious painting of a sailing ship. His love affair with the sailing ship has continued to this present day.

He has developed a style unique in today's art world, the fine detail is exquisite and he really does bring to life his works with his excellent use of light. Those familiar with his work immediately recognize this detail - his hallmark of excellence.

Some of his larger paintings have taken up to 4,000 hours to complete. His intimate knowledge of the sailing ship and his artistic representation of them have earned him worldwide acclaim as a maritime artist.

Richard Linton is one of the few maritime and historical artists to have been commissioned by The Franklin Mint to have his paintings reproduced in the old method of hand lithography in Paris at the famous house of Moulot, where the great artists, Chagall, Matisse and Picasso had their work produced. Brochures in five languages were printed of Richard's Franklin Mint Series and sold as collections throughout the world.

He has many awards for his work and lithographs. For his lithographs he won ten outstanding awards since 1987. Four Gold Medals, One Silver, Two Bronze and twice the prestigious Heidelberg Award and a Merit Award in the USA. He is represented in many collections worldwide.



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Maritime and marine art by historical artist Richard Linton

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